Be in the Here and Now

Mindfulness is a way of bringing awareness to everyday life. There have been many studies carried out that show that it can mean less worry and more peace. Like everything new, mindfulness takes practice but with time it will become a way of life.

With Mishutterstock_84796921ndfulness, over time, you will be able to reconnect with everyday things, actually noticing smells and touches and sounds that had just blended in to everyday life. It will assist you in staying focused and will help you become a better listener, this will make the conversation much more enjoyable.

We often feel stressed and one reason for this is because we are constantly judging ourselves, others and our surroundings, wishing things were different. Mindfulness will help you become aware of what is happening without the judgment.

I can offer Mindfulness sessions at £40 a session which will last around 90mins and will run for 8 weeks. You will be given a CD of guided meditations and information to take away with you.