Margaret-Cheshire-November 2020

I was referred to Karen through my ex employer after being signed off by my doctor for depression and anxiety.
After the 1st couple of sessions it was very clear that I had many issues that needed addressing, some dating back almost 50 years.
Karen has helped me to see my life so much differently, has given me coping mechanisms and strategy’s to work with. She has such a natural and down to earth manner that I knew from our first sessions that I could be at ease with her and trust her completely. It was Karen that recognised that I was suffering from PTSD and this is something we are currently dealing with.
While we all think we are strong and can ‘manage’ without help, Karen has made me see that it’s ok to need help and I can think of no other person I’d rather have helping me than Karen & I cant thank her enough for all the help, support and understanding she has shown to me.

Lisa – Cheshire – November 2020

I came with a lot of hesitance into therapy not sure it would work. I have a fair amount of PTSD from my previous job and I especially wanted to see someone who was very familiar with that. She is very open with her own story and I feel more balanced than ever. I know I have more work ahead of me but especially with the pandemic she’s been a lifesaver to me I honestly don’t know how I would have coped otherwise.

Lyn – Cheshire – March 2020

Historically I had seen several different therapists over the years to help with depression, family suicide and breakdown of a marriage.  All of which I would say never really got to the heart of the matter, nor helped with my awareness and resilience to the above matters.  It was really in many ways no different than unloading to a friend.  I knew I needed more than this.

A few months ago I started my therapy with Karen, who has literally transformed my outlook, knowledge and skills with dealing with traumatic experiences.  I sort out Karen as she specialised in Sexual Abuse. As a child I was groomed and endured experiences no child should have to.  Immediately Karen’s warmth, openness and professional approach, allowed me to talk about matters I had never discussed with anyone outside of my present marriage. I realised through our work, the guilt, shame and responsibility I had been carrying, wrongly for years, did not belong to me.  I learnt I was not to blame. (I know that sounds obvious, but when you grow up as a child believing that, its a hard belief to shift).

I have been able to open up to Karen in ways I was never able to before with a therapists and using techniques such as Transactional Analysis allowed me to truly discover my ego states and with this awareness could have a better understanding of my responses and experiences with difficult situations.

The suicide of my parents had been extremely painful to me, often burying my feelings, or accepting situations that held me back from really healing.  Over the years I had learnt to deaden my emotions, especially pain, but with this I was also deadening joy in my life.  This is no longer the case, I am now better able to manage and understand the trauma without causing me pain, and at the same time allow the joy of life to come through.  I have discovered much more of myself as a result of Karens support, often taking me by pleasant surprise.

I was initially scared that really going into my traumas would open a pandoras box, one that I couldn’t control, but I was wrong. Karen held me and my trauma’s in a really safe way.  After each session I felt, lighter, more skilled and emotionally stronger.

I couldn’t recommend Karen highly enough.  Her down to earth approach, non judgement, kindness and compassion is genuine.  If you are considering Karen as your therapists, you will be in good professional safe hands.

James from Crewe -January 2017

I would just like to thank you for the support you have given me, and enabling me to get things back on track so to speak. To be honest I was truly skeptical of how counselling could help me. Being the type of guy who likes to believe that I can deal with things on my own and can overcome any obstacle. I was so wrong, the anxiety and stress I was feeling was putting a massive strain on my family, social and work life compounding the feelings I had.

My wife always said ” you never open up” and “stop bottling things up its not healthy” being a man I didn’t listen. Thank you for helping me to take stock and realise that most things are out of our control and the actions of others are just that, actions of others. The breathing and relaxation techniques that you taught me have benefited me in so many ways, from coping with travelling since the accident to enabling me to enjoy family time again after travelling.

I am not saying that I will never book another appointment because I can’t, what I can say is that you have converted a none believer and enriched my mind with the power of relaxation, Im on the way back to my old self again.
Thank you

Anonymous from Manchester – October 2016

I have suffered with depression and anxiety for several years and have attended various counselling and therapy sessions including CBT and group therapy. Earlier this year I found myself in a very dark place and had several weeks off work. I managed to get through it, took up Reiki and returned to work, however after a few months I could feel it taking over again and I was referred to Karen through my employer.

From the start Karen understood where I was in my life and instead of ‘going over old ground’ she offered appropriate counselling for me. This was a more personal approach and I found it very refreshing.

Through my sessions I have gained knowledge and methods of how to cope with my anxiety and depression . These included meditation, circle of control, mindfulness, how to be good to myself and ego states to name a few. Several books were also suggested and eager to help myself I started to read and re-educate myself.

What I’ve learnt….
It’s ok to feel sad, it’s ok to be on medication, and more importantly it’s ok to be me. For the first time I feel I am on the right track to accept me for me.

I have completed my sessions now and even though I was apprehensive about them coming to an end and anxious that I will get ill again Karen re-assured me that I had all the tools I needed to help myself.

I would like to thank Karen for her time and am grateful for all her help she has really made a difference to my life.

John from Shropshire – January 2016

Following a seperation from my wife and a somewhat carcrash 8 months of not really knowing where I was going or what I was doing, my GP put me in touch with Karen.
I was somewhat reluctant and sceptical to seek counselling initially following a very short counselling episode some thirty years ago that left me more confused than I had begun with, but on first meeting I was instantly reassured by Karen’s manner and approach and knew that we would be able to work together.

With Karens help and guidance we explored the past events of my life that unbeknown to me still had such a controlling and decisive effect on my present situation.
She helped me to put my life in an order that I could recognise and work toward and not let the past be the destructive force that it had become.

I have no hesitation in recommending Karen’s services.
She helped me to get my life back in order and showed me the direction I was looking for.
For that I will be eternally grateful.

3 Responses to Testimonials

  1. Amy says:

    I would just like to say a massive thank you to Karen, she’s made my life doable again!

    Following a miscarriage, work put me in touch with Karen, I was a bit hesitant at first, how would a stranger be able to help me? But I’m so glad I went. We went through everything and she’s shown me ways in which I can cope for anything else that may happen in the future!

    I will never be able to show how grateful I am, my life is finally moving forward again. For anyone who is thinking about doing this, I would highly recommend Karen!


  2. Anonymous says:

    Karen helped me to recognise the things that held me back from being happy in life, and provided me with new ways of dealing with a problem that I sometimes felt I had no way out of. Even after the first session with her I could feel the changes happening in me.

    Now that I have finished the course I can say I don’t have a depression and the level of my anxiety has drastically reduced: from incontrollable trembling in stressful situations to the level where I barely even notice if I am anxious at all.

    I am grateful for being able to gradually start enjoying moments in life that I was previously dreading of. Thank you Karen. Thank you for all your efforts.


  3. Thank you for the kind words.


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