Me Too

Clients often look at me and say ‘it must be nice having good mental health’ and I ponder if I should let on that I also struggle at times. I have a diagnosis of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and I struggle daily with hyper-vigilance. I am so jumpy. My husband says he is going to … Continue reading

E = mc2 — The Exploding Artichoke

(or Everything’s relative) He said: E = mc squared I said: Einstein – that is absurdHe said: No, straight up man. Innit –I’ll prove it to you in a minute Then he showed me his workings-outI said: Einnie, what’s this all about?You know I’m no good at sumsNot like your scientist chums.He said: Well we […] … Continue reading

Mindfulness – Part 2 – Meditation

Welcome to the second part of Mindfulness where we will look at meditation. In part one we looked at slowing things down and the importance of checking in with our mind to allow us to regulate our mood. In this part we will be looking at how we meditate and its purpose. Some people think that meditation is about emptying your mind of everything. This is … Continue reading