What helps you maintain equilibrium in this busy world?

I can find life really busy and sometimes I feel extremely overwhelmed. Thankfully I don’t, as a rule, suffer from anxiety or panic attacks. I think I put that down to being able to see what my weeks will look like on paper.

I use a leather disc bound planner made by William Hannah. I use a vertical hourly diary, that way all my appointments are in one place.

I also use a monthly set up to forward plan.

I also use habit trackers to track key things in my life. I have worked out that if I track the things in my life that are important to my mental health I am more likely to do them. Such as taking my medication, I also track when I see my Grandbabies as I know they really perk me up.

I also write a journal. This holds all my most inner thoughts and feelings. Often writing about your worries can help you work out what is going on for you and can some times the sting out of it.

So what do you do to keep the balance?

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